Happy New Year everyone and what a year it has been…..

DSC_06952013 saw the successful completion of the new grounds at Heinemann park. While at times this was a tedious and troublesome affair, most of our members would have to agree that the move was worth it. We are now lucky enough to have a ground capable of supporting a larger group of players than what could be accommodated at Archery Road. In addition to a shed to store our wonderful thumbs_dsc_0312-copynew portable targets; we also have plenty of space to have a cup of coffee, post up notices on our large whiteboard, have a chat, fix broken gear and occasionally dodge the cold Barossa rain. 2014 will hopefully even see us holding a small scale competition for the first time in a long time and with luck expand into larger competitions in the next few years. 2013 also saw a huge increase in membership for the club. Many started out as training course participants but went on to full time memberships. This is a wonderful thing to happen to our club as new players bring new opportunities to expand the sport of archery in South Australia. As always we like to thank all the non-shooting members who come out to support their family members and to help around the club. We couldn’t do it without you. November 2013 saw the annual Fun shoot with plenty of archery moaning and mayhem as scoring was turned on its head for the last official shoot of the year. It was fantastic to see so many santa hats out this time which matched our spiffy new club shirts wonderfully. thumbs_dsc_1138As usual even the most competent archers saw their shots belittled by the random hat scoring method. More than once I heard several members laughing at their luck as skill and tactics were put to the test. In the end all was forgiven as a lovely BBQ was provided with delicious chicken kebabs and quite a few mince pies for dessert.thumbs_dsc_1143 Overall all members enjoyed a chance to relax and unwind, enjoy a bit of BBQ and a few drinks after a very successful year. We all hope that everyone continues to support us in 2014 and we look forward to seeing some more shooters in the new year. From everyone at BAC please have a safe and happy New Year.  


We would  like to remind members that your club fees are very important in helping us to maintain our two grounds, targets and training gear, as well as paying for your insurance through ArcherySA to keep yourself and others safe. We thank all those who have paid their club fees on time this year as it helps us to keep the club going… plus you get a cool shirt! Heat is a big issue here in South Australia, so your OH&S reps would like you please to keep yourself safe during the heat especially if you plan on shooting. Please keep your fluids up and carry extra with you in case. Be sure to use sunscreen and if possible a hat and sunglasses as well (provided it doesn’t cause shooting issues). ArcherySA guidelines state that members should not participate in archery events when the temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius and we would like you to consider this when you next look to shoot. For those members traveling to the grounds from other areas don’t forget to listen out for local fires that may be blocking the road you plan to use as this has happened in the past and we want you to be safe. Training courses for beginner archers are filling fast so please be patient if we can not fit you in at a time you want as we have limited coaches who are all volunteers. Please contact the club secretary for the list of upcoming dates or keep an eye out on our facebook page.  

Another step closer to new grounds

dsc_0305 This Saturday once again saw members from the club throw in their valuable time to help work at the new grounds at Heinamann Park, Tanunda. Early on the weather threatened to be not conducive to concrete laying however those nasty grey clouds were quickly blown away as the equipment was unloaded for the final round of concrete in the new club ‘shed’. The majority of the work had been previously laid and to everyone’s delight had settled well, although the new starting line had started to resemble a flatish mud pit but nothing a bit of grass won’t fix. dsc_0316 Being the only female at today’s turn out it was down to me to provide suitable “manly” nourishment for the troops and what better for a construction site than Ice Coffee? These went down a treat and we soon had the generator and concrete mixer fired up. Who would have though mixing concrete was such a delicate operation. As one member informed me ‘Its like mixing a cake. You don’t just throw the ingredients in and hope for the best’. How little did I know in the ways of concrete……


Either way the shed is starting to look more shed-like and with a bit of imagination I (and I’m sure others) can see many days of BBQ s, Meetings and friendly conversation emanating from these walls. The overall space will provide greater safety and access for all of our members. Perhaps even resulting in a few competitions being held every year in the Barossa rather than always in Adelaide or southern regions. dsc_0317 In the next few months we hope to have some internal fittings done as well as the all important doors and fencing. Who knows even a lick of paint may be thrown in. If anyone can help out don’t forget to keep looking at upcoming working dates posted here and on our facebook page.